Dwayne Johnson releases new behind the scenes video of ‘Jumanji 2’


Dwayne Johnson released profile on Instagram a new behind the scenes video of ‘ Jumanji 2 ‘.

The sequence Jumanji is about four teenagers who are grounded in high school and are sucked into the game , where they assume adult avatars, in order to recover a jewel.The idea is that The Rock and his group function as the avatars of adolescents within the game .

The film hits theaters on July 28, 2017 .

Dwayne Johnson star as “The Steaming Dr. Bravestone” alongside Jack Black ( “School of Rock”), Nick Jonas ( Scream Queens ), Kevin Hart ( ‘A Spy and Half’) and Karen Gillian ( ‘ Guardians galaxy ‘).

Jumanji ‘ will not be a long remake starring Robin Williams in 1995, but a sequence .

The recordings have started in Hawaii. The plot will be acclimated about 20 years after the original production.

Dwayne Johnson says remake of ‘Jumanji’ will honor Robin Williams

Jake Kasdan , the comedy ‘ Fri Tape – Lost in the Cloud ‘ and ‘ Professor No Class . “, Was chosen by Sony Pictures to direct the production Joe Johnston (” Captain America: The First Avenger’) directed the film original, which was released in the uS in December 1995.

In the film original, the young Alan Parrish discovers a mysterious board game that magically transports you to the unknown jungles of Jumanji for 26 years, until two innocent children, Judy and Peter the release of the powerful spell of the game . Now an adult, Alan reunites with his childhood friend, Sarah, and Judy and Peter tries to overcome the powerful forces of the game in this creative adventure that combines special effects breathtaking with comedy, magic and chills.You can watch latest releases in cinema near you or if you missed watching them in cinema then go to moviesgraphy free movies download website and get you favorite movie to your Laptop or Smartphone and watch it on your LED TV.

The film is an adaptation of the book by Chris Van Allsburg . Zack Helm ( “Stranger Than Fiction”) roteiriza the new version.

Jumanji starred Robin Williams , Bonnie Hunt , Kirsten Dunst , Bradley Pierce, Jonathan Hyde and Adam Hann-Byrd . They were spent on production US $ 65 million, with a return of $ 262 million worldwide.


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