Fast and Furious 8 2017 Launches Its First Official Trailer

Universal Pictures has as part of a live event in New York, where many cast members were present, the first spectacular trailer for Fast & Furious 8 reveals who promptly found its way to the Internet, so that You may admire him down . While the US title of the film shortly to The Fate of the Furious has changed , Universal’s German version in simple Fast & Furious 8 remained.This turn of events will obviously become the focus of marketing, judging by the new filmposter:

Fast and Furious 8 2017

Fast & Furious 8 comes on 13.04.2017 in our cinemas. Fast & Furious 7 ended last year with a bittersweet (in view of the tragic accidental death of Paul Walker), sentimental and yet harmonious idyllic Note: Brian (Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) retreated to the well-deserved family retired back, away From the world of fast cars, crazy stunts and dangerous criminals; Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) has regained her memory and can now enjoy her life with Dom (Vin Diesel) to the fullest; The entire crew was pardoned for their previous offenses and their archenemy Shaw (Jason Statham) sits in an underground high-security prison. Not for nothing, the end of the film seemed like a fitting franchise final. If you want to watch this series then you need to Fast and Furious movies free download online in full hd quality blu ray prints released officially by the production.

But, of course, a studio with a film series does not stop when their latest film has captured more than $ 1.5 billion worldwide and has become one of the five most successful films of all time, and even before Walker’s death, the 7th film was never intended The last one would become. So how do you continue the series after it has lost one of its most important actors and the last film ended so harmoniously? The trailer demonstrates this impressively: by creating anger in paradise and letting the man turn against his friends, who made her grow into a big family at all. Charlize Theron’s seductive Schrukin Cipher manages to lure Dom back into the world of crime (every bet that she uses Brian and Mia as a means of pressure) and to make him betray all who are close to him. From now on, it is said, “Dom against the rest,” and to get back their former leader and to cross Ciper’s plans, Doms Crew needs help from someone they have put behind the lock – Jason Statham as Shaw.


The rest of the trailer are crazy action sequences that try to outbid each other and end up in an insane sequence where cars are traced in an ice desert by a submarine (!!). But it’s not the over-the-top action that will lure her into the cinemas, but the “Dom becomes angry” for many fans of the series, who have just learned to love the cohesion of the “family” -Twist (reminds a little of Letty in the fourth film), because the curiosity to figure out what is behind it will be great.


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