Liam Neeson Confirms To Play Lead In Taken 4

Taken or, in this country, 96-hours , is one of the best action films Luc Besson’s production company EuropaCorp has ever produced and this movie alone is responsible for ensuring that Liam Neeson suddenly found his calling as an action star in his late fifties. Most of the action fans can agree. As well as the fact that the two sequels have decreased qualitatively significantly. This was partly due to the constructed plots of the films and, on the other hand, to the director of Olivier Megaton, who has not yet convinced me that he can stage sensible action scenes.You can have full movies free download in Taken movie series in full hd 720p or 1080p blu ray rips free of cost with safe and secure links.

But the two films were huge financial successes, presumably still thanks to the very positive reputation of the first film and the fact that even in a full-length movie it is fun to watch Liam Neeson as he embarrasses bad boys. Nevertheless, to 96 Hours – Taken 3 really be the last part of the series. Neeson announced this before his start and pointed to the lack of credibility if he still plays an action role from a certain age. During the press tour to seven minutes after midnight he was again on Taken 4 addressed and concluded from this categorically: (from English)

There will not be. The daughter is only so often abducted. If we do another, it will be like, “Can you kidnap my daughter, please?”

Where he is right, he is right. But unfortunately can Besson Taken nevertheless not rest and has for NBC a “Taken” -Prequelserie (which is yet to play in the present) produced, in the “Vikings” -Star Clive Standen Neeson accepts role as a man with very special abilities.

Had you like Taken 4 seen with Neeson?


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