Will Keira Knightley Be The Part Of Pirates of the Caribbean 5

On May 25 one of the most successful franchises of the 2000s goes into the fifth round. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar revenge return not only Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush as his occasional opponent / buddy Barbossa back, but also Orlando Bloom as Will Turner , we last ten years ago in Pirates of the Caribbean – At end of the world saw when he saved from Sparrow from certain death and thus became the new captain of the Flying Dutchman, which he once may dock every ten years. So the story was about Will and Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth for the time being completed, so the fourth film without the two passed, with a greater focus on Johnny Depp’s Sparrow.The Part Of Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most famous adventure movies series from British cinema and are also one of the most expensive movies to build in cinema.


Although Jack Sparrow was always the undisputed biggest star of the Piratenfilm series, but as quickly emerged, many viewers also missed the love story of Will and Elizabeth. But while Blooms return in sequel has been confirmed for a long time and Brenton Thwaites’ character we already teaser for the film looked beside Javier Bardems schurkischem Captain Salazar Rumoured the son of Will and Elizabeth to be (after already short in a guy Scene the third film appeared), sat Keira Knightley apparently off again. At least we thought so far, but the online portal TooFab would teach us a lesson. According to his sources, Knightley had already secretly a short scene for the film secretly some time ago. This is to be seen in the credits of the film and indicate a much larger role for Knightley in the potential sixth film. Given the almost certain global success of the fifth Pirates film are the chances of another part pretty good, so it is perhaps come in the future to a reunion of the trio Depp, Bloom and Knightley. For Knightley was the first Pirates of the Caribbean , it has turned the tender age of 17, her worldwide breakthrough, to a great career, including two Oscar nominations. Followed.

Brenton Thwaites (in the event that the rumor about his role is true), which is only four years younger than his film mother Knightley, is somewhat unhappy.

Do you wish you Keira Knightley from Pirates-of-the-Caribbean franchise back?


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