Rumours About Warner Bros Getting Ready For New Matrix Movie

The Warner Bros. seems interested in making a “spin-off Matrix “, focused on the character of Morpheus .

It was 1999 when the Wachowski sisters charmed audiences across the world with the first chapter of the “Matrix” trilogy, the film intended to restore the canons of science fiction cinema. Two feature films and 18 years later, Warner Bros., the production company of the entire project, seems to want to rekindle the hopes of fans of the saga, who wondered when and if they had reviewed their heroes on the big screen.

The idea of a sequel seems nuanced, but, according to the Hollywood Reporter, the production machine is already in motion to restore life to a great franchise, although Keanu Reeves , Neo the unforgettable protagonist of the first trilogy, is not yet He was officially involved. The actor appeared doubtful during the promotional tour of “John Wick – Chapter 2,” but has not rejected the idea. “They should write the Wachowskis. And even direct it “- said Reeves -” And then we see what the story is. But, yes … I do not know. It would be a weird thing … Why not? “.

To take up the legacy of the Chosen One, according to sources very close to the production, there may be Michael B. Jordan in the role of a young Morpheus, a character already known to the public with the features of Laurence Fishburne .

In addition, the study would even engage Zak Penn , famous for having written the script of the second and third films in the saga of X-Men. Screenwriter wrote on Twitter: “I would like to see more stories set in the universe of the Matrix? Yes. Because it’s a brilliant idea that generates great stories. ” Penn, however, has also reassured worried fans, saying they do not want to work on a reboot; the intention is rather to expand the Matrix universe, creating new stories. It took, in fact, the universe as a starting point from which the X-Men, the last year alone, we have seen the birth of three different products as “Deadpool”, “Legion” and ” Logan .”

At the time there was still no official announcement, but, given the importance of the Matrix saga in the history of film and pop culture in general, the news has created quite a stir in Hollywood and among the well-fed legions of fans.

Matrix series was one of the most popular action and science fiction series of that time and if you want to watch Matrix movie series than you can have its free movie downloads online in high definition using Google search.


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