Best is Yet to Come: 7 Adventure Movies to be released in 2017

7 Adventure Movies to be released in 2017

Transformers The last Knight

Fighting without the head is what this story is all about. Let’s see how Michael Bay can revamp a franchise going down south all along with a plot, so epic than the previous editions. Humans will be up against the trans-mafia and the key to the survival of earth and humans can only be found from the long past.

Spiderman homecoming

As the character of Spider-man ages, lesser becomes the age of the actor playing it. Tom Holland is by ar the youngest to play Spiderman and with tony stark, he is already rumoured to be the best in the business. Michael Keaton will this time be the man tangled in spidey’s web as the evil Vulture. Spider-man will have its onus on Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr) for the tech assistance, as the villain gets mightier. Hitting cinemas very soon.You can download full movies in spiderman series for free online moviesgraphy website and watch in 720p bluray quality.

Despicable me 3

The animation specialist, illumination is bringing yet another high-class humour, action and climax redone by the legendary characters and actors. It’s already released in some parts and will be hitting the rest of the nations very soon. The saviours are going to may fall just short of capturing the villain but who cares, when minions, Gru/Dru and Lucy fills the itinerary with swashbuckling strategies.Watch movies in cinema,but i like to watch movies at home rather than on big screen.

Juman Ji

Revamping the classic was always on cards as the animations, cinematography and Dwayne Johnson are now available in their prime form. But will the smart paradoxical plot and thrills at every single move in a game of Jumanji will be fruitful enough?. We will see later this year, if the legacy created 20 years back by Alan parish buried in past will be repeated by these four school kids.Get more latest hollywood news from our website using social media or subscribe us for free.

Thor: Ragnarok

Barey the third edition, and it already feels like a childhood saga. Chris Hemsworth has barely put a foot wrong in Avengers series (Thor had many though). But this time, he is in a prison cell and has to fight his green friend (Hulk) in the pits of Ragnarok. The Villain, Hela is a might evil, getting ready for his brutal wrath at Asgard. Let’s see, if Thor can save the empire. And yes, Loki is still there, adding the unimportant yet vintage hilarity.


It’s been a while without a war movie. Not much of an adventure when bullets are all around in the field, But this will surely be the escapade so awaited by the fans of Christopher Nolan’s work. The invasion by Germany at Dunkirk has trapped thousands of the allied forces. A covert mission to evacuate combined British, French and other forces demands a heroic feast and a vessel to do it in a tidy way.Get it online free movies niche to watch at home.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rey is all set to continue his journey in the next episode of Lucasfilm franchise that is older than most of us. As Rey finds Luke Skywalker, with the help of an ex-trooper Finn and two robots, she will attempt to find the true Jedi in her to walk through the dark forces. The movie is all set to be released on 13 December this year.