5 Best Documentary Movies,That Changed The View Point Of Whole World

Documentary Movies offers an exceptional view of the history, present and future of mankind, the material for thought, and mind-expanding horizons. Documentary films from this collection contain facts, new ideas and concepts that are yet not sufficiently covered by science. But Einstein’s special theory of relativity, published in 1905, did not fully accept the physical community until 1920. Therefore, we offer not reject new ideas, because without them there can be no progress.

Space: Personal Journey with Karlom Saganom

This cult movie is often called “the greatest educational series vsoh times”, not lost its relevance even after 30 years. Carl Sagan – astronomer, scientist and biologist, a famous popularizer of science, had a remarkable ability – to talk about difficult concepts in simple language and without prejudice to the content. The film tells how the device of the universe and the history of the life and history of mankind. A separate line of the film – the search for extraterrestrial intelligence: Carl Sagan is one of the founders of the SETI search for extraterrestrial intelligence program. If you are at least a little interested in how does the universe, go to the 13-series journey into space with this documentary series.

Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition

The question will be not about what you think. This documentary brings us to think about a “new era”, on the theme “All that you need – this is love,” questioned the comprehensiveness of the word “love” and the rejection of a negative reality. What kind of feeling and if we understand it correctly?

2012: Time for Change

The title of this documentary naveivaet thought about the end of the world, but in fact the movie, shot under the direction of Daniel Pinchbeck, covers topics such as the stability, the mind and the expansion of consciousness, permaculture, energy, spirituality, tribal rituals, psychedelic experiences, the economy, social relations and much more. The film explores the ever-growing challenges that we face, and offer surprisingly sophisticated solutions already available for use through the introduction of modern technologies.

The Corporation

The film is considered a corporation as a person with symptoms of psychopathy. Most of the day we consume goods, services, information and entertainment comes from the huge multinational corporations. But what if this structure is dominant in our existence, crazy? The film clearly tells the story of the evil to which are large organizations in the name of profit. The arguments are based on actual facts and interviews, which were taken from corporate executives.


“Baraka” – a powerful visual masterpiece that will carry you to a tour of the globe. The film uses the story nonverbal, so he does not need translation. Just watch the magnificent images, listen to the sounds of nature and ethnic music. This is a documentary film about our planet and the diversity of life on it.

DMT molecule: The Spirit Molecule

The “DMT: the spirit molecule” discusses the opportunities and the role of the molecule DMT (presumably synthesized mysterious pineal gland) to humans. Doctors-physics scientists and artists aspirants jointly examined and quantified effects from the use of DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a potentially powerful psychoactive substances in the world.

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