Best is Yet to Come: 7 Adventure Movies to be released in 2017

7 Adventure Movies to be released in 2017

Transformers The last Knight

Fighting without the head is what this story is all about. Let’s see how Michael Bay can revamp a franchise going down south all along with a plot, so epic than the previous editions. Humans will be up against the trans-mafia and the key to the survival of earth and humans can only be found from the long past.

Spiderman homecoming

As the character of Spider-man ages, lesser becomes the age of the actor playing it. Tom Holland is by ar the youngest to play Spiderman and with tony stark, he is already rumoured to be the best in the business. Michael Keaton will this time be the man tangled in spidey’s web as the evil Vulture. Spider-man will have its onus on Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr) for the tech assistance, as the villain gets mightier. Hitting cinemas very soon.You can download full movies in spiderman series for free online moviesgraphy website and watch in 720p bluray quality.

Despicable me 3

The animation specialist, illumination is bringing yet another high-class humour, action and climax redone by the legendary characters and actors. It’s already released in some parts and will be hitting the rest of the nations very soon. The saviours are going to may fall just short of capturing the villain but who cares, when minions, Gru/Dru and Lucy fills the itinerary with swashbuckling strategies.Watch movies in cinema,but i like to watch movies at home rather than on big screen.

Juman Ji

Revamping the classic was always on cards as the animations, cinematography and Dwayne Johnson are now available in their prime form. But will the smart paradoxical plot and thrills at every single move in a game of Jumanji will be fruitful enough?. We will see later this year, if the legacy created 20 years back by Alan parish buried in past will be repeated by these four school kids.Get more latest hollywood news from our website using social media or subscribe us for free.

Thor: Ragnarok

Barey the third edition, and it already feels like a childhood saga. Chris Hemsworth has barely put a foot wrong in Avengers series (Thor had many though). But this time, he is in a prison cell and has to fight his green friend (Hulk) in the pits of Ragnarok. The Villain, Hela is a might evil, getting ready for his brutal wrath at Asgard. Let’s see, if Thor can save the empire. And yes, Loki is still there, adding the unimportant yet vintage hilarity.


It’s been a while without a war movie. Not much of an adventure when bullets are all around in the field, But this will surely be the escapade so awaited by the fans of Christopher Nolan’s work. The invasion by Germany at Dunkirk has trapped thousands of the allied forces. A covert mission to evacuate combined British, French and other forces demands a heroic feast and a vessel to do it in a tidy way.Get it online free movies niche to watch at home.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Rey is all set to continue his journey in the next episode of Lucasfilm franchise that is older than most of us. As Rey finds Luke Skywalker, with the help of an ex-trooper Finn and two robots, she will attempt to find the true Jedi in her to walk through the dark forces. The movie is all set to be released on 13 December this year.



Jake Gyllenhaal still with Daniel Espinosa for “The Anarchists vs ISIS”

After the recent success of the film “LIFE “, these days in Italian cinemas, actor Jake Gyllenhaal and director Daniel Espinosa they agree to work together again in a new project: ” The Anarchists vs Isis ” inspired by the famous article by journalist Seth Harp, released on Rolling Stones last February 14.

Jake Gyllenhaal has decided to renew the successful collaboration with director Daniel Espinosa, participating as a protagonist in the new “The Anarchists vs ISIS”. The film is the rehabilitation of the powerful story told by Seth Harp in a piece published in Rolling Stone in February of this year: a group of real American volunteers, socialists and outcasts, they fight with the Kurdish militia to defeat Isis in Syria to give life to an anarchist collective society in the rubble of war.Jake Gyllenhaal has worked on movies like Prince of Persia The Sands of Time  in past.

Jake Gyllenhaal will star not only participate in the project but also as producer along with Riva Marker , who recently said: “” Jake and I are thrilled to be working with Daniel Espinosa to make the courageous story of Seth Harp. At the thematic level, we are often attracted by the material that deals with the search for identity, especially in a world where it has become very easy to feel less and less connected. The story of Seth as protagonists of those who leave everything they know to create a link in the most brutal circumstances. Daniel worked so fabulous and is particularly passionate when it comes to this material. ”

“The Anarchist vs Isis” will be produced in association with Bold Films , an independent film label, and executive produced was carried out by Gary Michael Walters. It seems that Jake Gyllenhaal has found in a great Swedish director coworker and found it well under his leadership in “LIFE – Do not exceed the limit.” We do not know when they start shooting and whether this will be the next actor commitment but certainly the sensitive subject Isis and the Islamic world, which will be the central motif of the film, already provides a lot of expectations from the public, but above all, critics.

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Edward James Olmos Enters For The Cast of the movie Predator

According to Moviesgraphy website , actor Edward James Olmos was confirmed in the production of the new “Predator.” With no details revealed, it is only highlighted that he will live a military figure in the plot.

In addition to directing the project, Shane Black ( Iron Man 3 ) also signs the script alongside Fred Dekker ( Gave the Crazy in the Monsters ). Boyd Holbrook ( Narcos ) will be the protagonist of the film. Sterling K. Brown (American Crime Story), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) , Thomas Jane (The Punisher) Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu Perfect) and Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight) are also in the cast.

Jacob Tremblay , who gained prominence in the media after the success of the film The Room of Jack , will interpret the son of Holbrook in the plot. Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Dexter and 24 Hours: A New Day to Die) may play Tremblay’s mother and Holbrook’s ex-wife. We are waiting for this latest science fiction movies to release in cinemas soon.

The new Predator movie is set for February 9, 2018.

Fast and Furious 8 2017 Launches Its First Official Trailer

Universal Pictures has as part of a live event in New York, where many cast members were present, the first spectacular trailer for Fast & Furious 8 reveals who promptly found its way to the Internet, so that You may admire him down . While the US title of the film shortly to The Fate of the Furious has changed , Universal’s German version in simple Fast & Furious 8 remained.This turn of events will obviously become the focus of marketing, judging by the new filmposter:

Fast and Furious 8 2017

Fast & Furious 8 comes on 13.04.2017 in our cinemas. Fast & Furious 7 ended last year with a bittersweet (in view of the tragic accidental death of Paul Walker), sentimental and yet harmonious idyllic Note: Brian (Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) retreated to the well-deserved family retired back, away From the world of fast cars, crazy stunts and dangerous criminals; Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) has regained her memory and can now enjoy her life with Dom (Vin Diesel) to the fullest; The entire crew was pardoned for their previous offenses and their archenemy Shaw (Jason Statham) sits in an underground high-security prison. Not for nothing, the end of the film seemed like a fitting franchise final. If you want to watch this series then you need to Fast and Furious movies free download online in full hd quality blu ray prints released officially by the production.

But, of course, a studio with a film series does not stop when their latest film has captured more than $ 1.5 billion worldwide and has become one of the five most successful films of all time, and even before Walker’s death, the 7th film was never intended The last one would become. So how do you continue the series after it has lost one of its most important actors and the last film ended so harmoniously? The trailer demonstrates this impressively: by creating anger in paradise and letting the man turn against his friends, who made her grow into a big family at all. Charlize Theron’s seductive Schrukin Cipher manages to lure Dom back into the world of crime (every bet that she uses Brian and Mia as a means of pressure) and to make him betray all who are close to him. From now on, it is said, “Dom against the rest,” and to get back their former leader and to cross Ciper’s plans, Doms Crew needs help from someone they have put behind the lock – Jason Statham as Shaw.


The rest of the trailer are crazy action sequences that try to outbid each other and end up in an insane sequence where cars are traced in an ice desert by a submarine (!!). But it’s not the over-the-top action that will lure her into the cinemas, but the “Dom becomes angry” for many fans of the series, who have just learned to love the cohesion of the “family” -Twist (reminds a little of Letty in the fourth film), because the curiosity to figure out what is behind it will be great.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 Confirms To Release In March 2019

When asked film fans for the best animated franchise of all time, you can hear in response is usually Toy Story . In much rarer cases maybe Shrek (those viewers must have probably hidden the third film). But my answer will be different: DreamWorks’ Train Your Dragon from the year 2010 and its sequel of 2014 for me not only the best animated films of their respective years, but count in my eyes even at the best computer animated films ever. The films captivate not only through their breathtaking optics (Part 1 is one of the best examples of 3D use in animated films), but also through the sensitive portrayal of the coming-of-age story of the main character of Hicks and his friendship with his dragon’s no-tooth . These films really everything: heart, humor, action and great pictures, and it’s a shame that neither the Oscar won for “Best Animated Film”, wherein the second film in the category at least for the Golden Globes with sat.You can download animation movies in How to train your dragon series online in full hd 720p and 1080p quality to watch at home on your UHD TV.

How to Train Your Dragon 3

After the great success of the first film, DreamWorks has begun developing two sequels, scheduled for 2014 and 2016 respectively. The start date for the third film was very ambitious, because only two years for the production of a great animation sequel are hardly imaginable. Nobody wondered why, as Train Your Dragon made 3 was pushed back by one year. This summer was the sequel but again postponed from June 2017 in June 2018, and now the fans of the series have to face an even longer wait, because Train Your Dragon made 3 was by Universal Pictures (DreamWorks bought up animation in the meantime) postponed to 2019 and will return on 21.02.2019 reached German cinemas. After all, the film-makers in Germany get to see the film a bit earlier than the viewers in the USA, where it is only to start on 1.03.2019. However, it is still very long to see Hicks, No-Tooth and his friends. But one can still hope that what lasts for a long time is also finally good. Dean DeBlois, director of the second and co-director of the first film, will also stage part 3 and promised for the film the completion of the coming-of-age development of Hicks. The film is supposed to start where Cresside’s books on which the films are based (very loose) begin – with an adult Hicks, reminiscent of a time when there were dragons, but they have obviously disappeared somewhere.

In the second film, Cate Blanchett as Hicks mother Valka, who was introduced in the second film, as well as Djimon Hounsou as the villain Drago Blutfaust, who was defeated in Part 2, will return to the third film, including TJ Miller, Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera . I hope to Train Your Dragon 3 – he should actually be the final part of the franchises are – will be the culmination of the best animated film series of all time.

Liam Neeson Confirms To Play Lead In Taken 4

Taken or, in this country, 96-hours , is one of the best action films Luc Besson’s production company EuropaCorp has ever produced and this movie alone is responsible for ensuring that Liam Neeson suddenly found his calling as an action star in his late fifties. Most of the action fans can agree. As well as the fact that the two sequels have decreased qualitatively significantly. This was partly due to the constructed plots of the films and, on the other hand, to the director of Olivier Megaton, who has not yet convinced me that he can stage sensible action scenes.You can have full movies free download in Taken movie series in full hd 720p or 1080p blu ray rips free of cost with safe and secure links.

But the two films were huge financial successes, presumably still thanks to the very positive reputation of the first film and the fact that even in a full-length movie it is fun to watch Liam Neeson as he embarrasses bad boys. Nevertheless, to 96 Hours – Taken 3 really be the last part of the series. Neeson announced this before his start and pointed to the lack of credibility if he still plays an action role from a certain age. During the press tour to seven minutes after midnight he was again on Taken 4 addressed and concluded from this categorically: (from English)

There will not be. The daughter is only so often abducted. If we do another, it will be like, “Can you kidnap my daughter, please?”

Where he is right, he is right. But unfortunately can Besson Taken nevertheless not rest and has for NBC a “Taken” -Prequelserie (which is yet to play in the present) produced, in the “Vikings” -Star Clive Standen Neeson accepts role as a man with very special abilities.

Had you like Taken 4 seen with Neeson?

Will Keira Knightley Be The Part Of Pirates of the Caribbean 5

On May 25 one of the most successful franchises of the 2000s goes into the fifth round. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar revenge return not only Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush as his occasional opponent / buddy Barbossa back, but also Orlando Bloom as Will Turner , we last ten years ago in Pirates of the Caribbean – At end of the world saw when he saved from Sparrow from certain death and thus became the new captain of the Flying Dutchman, which he once may dock every ten years. So the story was about Will and Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth for the time being completed, so the fourth film without the two passed, with a greater focus on Johnny Depp’s Sparrow.The Part Of Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most famous adventure movies series from British cinema and are also one of the most expensive movies to build in cinema.


Although Jack Sparrow was always the undisputed biggest star of the Piratenfilm series, but as quickly emerged, many viewers also missed the love story of Will and Elizabeth. But while Blooms return in sequel has been confirmed for a long time and Brenton Thwaites’ character we already teaser for the film looked beside Javier Bardems schurkischem Captain Salazar Rumoured the son of Will and Elizabeth to be (after already short in a guy Scene the third film appeared), sat Keira Knightley apparently off again. At least we thought so far, but the online portal TooFab would teach us a lesson. According to his sources, Knightley had already secretly a short scene for the film secretly some time ago. This is to be seen in the credits of the film and indicate a much larger role for Knightley in the potential sixth film. Given the almost certain global success of the fifth Pirates film are the chances of another part pretty good, so it is perhaps come in the future to a reunion of the trio Depp, Bloom and Knightley. For Knightley was the first Pirates of the Caribbean , it has turned the tender age of 17, her worldwide breakthrough, to a great career, including two Oscar nominations. Followed.

Brenton Thwaites (in the event that the rumor about his role is true), which is only four years younger than his film mother Knightley, is somewhat unhappy.

Do you wish you Keira Knightley from Pirates-of-the-Caribbean franchise back?